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The three billy goats - Olalla González - Federico Fernández

Ref.: 21KL08393
Marca: Editorial Kalandraka
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    The three billy goats - Olalla González - Federico Fernández


    Referencia: 21KL08393

    EAN:  9788492608393

    Dimensiones: 22x22 cm.

    Edad: a partir de 3 años.

    Páginas: 40

    Publicación: -

    Temática: Popular tale about intelligence vs strength.


    Texto: Olalla González (Adaptación)

    Ilustración: Federico Fernández

    Traducción: Susana López Rubio


    This popular tale is about what happened to three billy goats

    -a big billy goat, a medium-sized billy goat, and a little billy goat- when they wanted to cross a bridge to eat some juicy green grass on the other side of the river, and met a terrible ogre who wouldn’t let them across. Thanks to their quick thinking, they trick him and finally reach their objective.


    This story shows how intelligence and ingenuity are more important than strength. In “The three billy goats”, readers will discover an entertaining game of sizes, numbers and sounds, as well as a typographical game, playing with words and letters.

    The illustrations are very humorous, with characters whose faces and attitudes are highly expressive.



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